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Dan f947f782ef
added how to 10 months ago
Dan d40742b074
added git 10 months ago
Dan b1d8d93498
added root password 10 months ago
Dan e280897c25
added ssh connection 10 months ago
Dan 364db294bd
added ssh info 10 months ago
Dan 77897b3814
updated mirrors 10 months ago
Dan cfeb6fa97b
updated to the new version 10 months ago
Dan 43f5429e54
enabled ssh access;MaxATries 600 is for my benefit 10 months ago
Dan cacc1651f2
added root password pwoss 10 months ago
Dan 5aa4bd535c
updated to archiso v.52.1-1 10 months ago
Dan ebdc3ed12c
added user creation hint 1 year ago
Dan 5221cfb492
changed execute 1 year ago
Dan ea3fb177f0
added permissions 1 year ago
Dan 43da363a8f
updated to archiso v.50.1-1 1 year ago
Dan 01fa883993
updated to archiso v.49 1 year ago
Dan a06ed93c7b
updated to archiso v48-1 1 year ago
Dan 21dcfab396
changed init ram file system to linux-hardened 1 year ago
Dan 9ccd1c6c68
updated to new archiso procedure (v49?) 1 year ago
Dan 6a60bd6b6b
updated to archiso v.46 1 year ago
Dan 6c676592cd
added php-sqlite for pi-hole and wireguard 2 years ago
Dan 15ae7d5e10
added new seafile v7.1.1 pkgs 2 years ago
Dan 0eb11a88ae
disabled seafile 2 years ago
Dan 09d7629e97
added pkgs and disabled seafile 2 years ago
Dan 9bd940a14c
updated README 2 years ago
Dan 1170f1655e
added and delete pkgs; changed pkg variables 2 years ago
Dan 6038f298dc
clean up; packages from official to AUR 2 years ago
Dan f791daad75
added all pkgs from documentaition 2 years ago
Dan 7aa45d119d
changed default settings and added more pkgs 2 years ago
Dan d6df250a6a
changeed to org link 2 years ago
Dan 17e8d10c28
new archiso pkgs + reflector 2 years ago
Dan dcf0d10926
updated README 2 years ago
Dan b0378c448c
added content from .xyz domain 2 years ago
Server 7043f4ac2c Initial commit 2 years ago