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Desktop Software Suite

Still in maintenance Our selected software suite for your desktop. If you want to add something or have something to consider, please create an [issue]( ------


Arch Linux operating system …

is known as a leading/bleeding/cutting edge (Wikipedia) and as a rolling release (Wikipedia) distro (Wikipedia). This means that you will receive the updated software very quickly. You don't need to upgrade to another version like Windows 7 to Windows 10 or Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04 etc.. This can sometimes be painful. Three more good reasons for Arch are:

  1. The security patches are fixed very quickly because they are always up to date.
  2. You only have software on your system that you have installed. No Bloatware (Wikipedia).
  3. Arch wiki is huge and very helpful.

The disadvantage can be an unstable system, because the new software is not tested properly. For this reason, we recommend that you keep to our update interval, which is on the 20th each month (PwOSS). But we've been using Arch for a while and never had any major problems.



Seafile client to connect to your server.