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A project overview. Perfectly usable for all your privacy needs.



F-Droid is the open source software store for your Android phone! It's available since 2010. Actually mostly every alternative is available.



Yalp store isn't really an application store. Yalp is getting all the apps directly from Google Play Store. Yalp Store is available at F-Droid.

Check microG (next page). It's a good combination.



microG isn't a store as well but if you use yalp it is good to have microG too. Some apps are using the old GCM or the new FCM. This is important to get messages (notifications) from your apps.



Magisk is now the most used way to get root access.
Back in the days, it was Chainfire's - SuperSU, but it was sold to a Chinese company and was no longer trustworthy. Magisk is open source and became more and more popular after the years. Magisk is actually more than just to get root access. It supports modules which could provide apps, tweaks or services. Some applications (bank apps/NFC/games/etc.) will not work if you have a rooted phone, but with Magisk it possible to hide the root check of the certain apps. This hiding capability may eventually stop working as Google makes these checks stricter.

Official Magisk forum thread -> here