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Dan 2 years ago
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@ -376,6 +376,8 @@ You might have to run it twice or more if you get an error.
<<Warn("Use numbers for your user password. This is the same password for your lock screen, which contains only numbers.")>>
<<Note("See also <a href'#jumpdrive'>JumpDrive</a>.)>>
pmbootstrap install --sdcard=/dev/mmcblk2
@ -476,6 +478,7 @@ To install on eMMC, you must first install it on a [SD CARD](/content/mobile/lin
Same as [postmarketOS](/content/mobile/linux/devices/pine64/pinephone/braveheart#postmarketos_emmc)
<<Note("See also <a href'#jumpdrive'>JumpDrive</a>.)>>
### Flash the image
@ -497,4 +500,35 @@ sudo parted /dev/mmcblk2 resizepart 1 100%
sudo shutdown now
That's it. Remove the SD CARD and start your phone.</https:></https:></https:></https:>
That's it. Remove the SD CARD and start your phone.</https:></https:></https:></https:>
# JumpDrive
Download [latest .img]( and flash it with [Etcher](
## Detailed Usage Instructions
1. Download the Jumpdrive image
2. Flash the Jumpdrive image to a micro SD card
3. Boot the PinePhone from the Jumpdrive micro SD card
4. Connect the PinePhone to your computer using USB-A -> USB-C cable
5. Flash the exposed (mounted) PinePhone drive with a chosen OS image
6. Once the flashing process is complete, disconnect the PinePhone from your PC, power it down and remove the Jumpdrive SD card
7. The process is now finished, and you can boot from eMMC
Jumpdrive also acts as a rescue image in case if you messed up your installation. To do so, you can telnet to, mount rootfs and fix it!
## Resize file system
If you flash a 4G img distro (ie. phosh+debian) to your eemc, your eemc will only have a 3.7G partition on it. To use the entire 14.7G on the eemc, run the following commands:
1. sudo cfdisk /dev/sdX
2. Change to [Resize] in the ncurses program, resize the 3.7G partition to 14.7G, and [Write]
3. sudo resize2fs /dev/sdXY
Replace X with your drive's name. Replace Y with the paritition you resized in cfdisk.
Source: [](