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# Website
Create News, Tutorials ... on the main website [](
[Source code](
# Gitea Account
First, you will need to have an account on our Git instance to fork the repo. Just follow the [guide](
# Copy template
Templates are avilabale in the specific categories (News, PwOSS and Turorials). Copy the templates as `DAY-MONTH.html` or `tutorial-name.html` files.
<<Note("Change title of top of the html file <br /> <code>&lt;title>PwOSS - Template&lt;/title></code>.")>>
# HTML tags
Here is a quick dirty option of html tags (also avilable [here](
H1 = <code>&lt;h1>&lt;/h1></code>
H2 = <code>&lt;h2>&lt;/h2></code>
H3 = <code>&lt;h3>&lt;/h3></code>
H4 = <code>&lt;h4>&lt;/h4></code>
H5 = <code>&lt;h5>&lt;/h5></code>
H6 = <code>&lt;h6>&lt;/h6></code>
Line breaks = <code>&lt;br></code>.
Spaces = &nbsp;<code>&amp;nbsp; (for one space), &amp;ensp;(for two spaces), &amp;emsp; (for four spaces)</code>&ensp;.
<pre>&lt;div class="image">
&lt;image src="images/pwoss+text.png" style="width: 230px; height: 100px;" alt="IMAGE NAME" />
# Main Page
Add your news to the main page. Only a maximum of three sentences about your news/tutorial. I added a hidden template above the first post. Just copy it and put it over the first message. I think that a maximum of 5 news in total should be enough so that the main page doesn't look bloated - delete the last news.
class="spotlight style2 orient-right content-align-left image-position-center onscroll-image-fade-in onload-content-fade-left onload-image-fade-right"
<div class="content">
<author><strong>Author</strong>: YOUR NAME </author><br />
<date><strong>Date</strong>: DD/MONTH/YEAR </date><br />
<category><strong>Category</strong>: <a href="categories/CATEGORY/YEAR/overview.html">
YOUR CONTENT. MAX 3 sentences
<ul class="actions stacked">
<a href="categories/CATEGORY/YEAR/DATE-MONTH.html" class="button small">Read
<div class="image">
<image src="images/CATEGORY/IMAGE.svg/png/jpg" alt="IMAGE NAME" />
## Quick news
If you want to send only quick news, just add them to the main page without any links to any categories.
<<Note("Delete the <code>Read More</code> button and the category link - <code>Category: CATEGORY</code>.")>>
# Categories
You need to add your news (link) to the category list. In the specific root category is a `overview.html` file. Just add your link above the first one.