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<title>PwOSS - DNSCrypt</title>
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<author><strong>Author</strong>: Dan </author><br />
<date><strong>Date</strong>: 17/12/2020 </date><br />
<category><strong>Category</strong>: <a href="../../pwoss/overview.html">PwOSS</a>
<h1>PwOSS - 2021</h1>
I know, I said <strong>That's it.</strong> but I changed my mind. <br>
I had to change something because it became too much for me - no burnout or anything like that, but
unfortunately a day has only 24 hours and there are other nice things to do &#128521;
Because it's been more or less a one-man-army project so far, it's time to minimize it. <br>
*Special thanks to <a href="https://forum.xda-developers.com/m/saber.5811506/">Saber</a> for his
beautiful writing of some old Manjaro/Arch explanations (which are still on the wiki) and <a
href="https://adamcharlton.morepork.software/">Adam</a> for starting the ISO (archiso)
script and his great help with the logo/inkscape and so on.<br>
I'm curious if <strong>mfor</strong> will continue to contribute. Writing News, ISO script
... whatever you want &#128527;
To minimize the time, I needed a new website. To give other people the opportunity to write their
News, Tutorials etc.. This is still a work in progress - RSS needs to be integrated. Since I'm
not a webdev (or a dev at all), I need to do a little homework on how this works. Also more
"facelifting" for different devices needs to be done. Some images are quite large on smartphones,
for example. A "navbar" burger ... .<br>
The entire website is also in <a href="https://git.pwoss.org/pwoss/Website">our git repository</a>.
I have decided to go for a quick solution with <a href="https://html5up.net/" target="blank"
rel="external nofollow noopener">html5up.net</a>. I have changed a few things. You can compare
both source codes if you like.
A proper explanation how to create news is available in <a
href="https://wiki.pwoss.org/content/pwoss/website">our wiki</a>.
Also the server/hoster has changed. Instead of Linode I moved everything to netcup (Germany). I have
split the servers so that Matrix gets more power.
<h3>Update interval</h3>
The update interval for the server - every month ends form now on. The main reason, sure
time, but also a hardware defect that forced me to buy a new server and the whole set up has changed
(proxmox, opnsense ...). But I still use Arch as a server, you can ask your questions on Matrix or
on Git (issues) if you like.
<h2>That's It</h2>
Again!? This time in a good way &#128521;.<br>
Looking forward to the next year! Hoping that more people will tackle the issue of privacy in our
horrible digital world.<br>
So far, so good. I wish you a great Christmas and a good start into the new year.
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