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Dan a961f9e57a
cleanup: flashing the ISO file 4 months ago
Dan f0f6e88f3b
added git 4 months ago
Dan 5395a88edd
updated mirrors 4 months ago
Dan c81de80d3b
updated to the new version 4 months ago
Dan f282391cbc
added ssh connection 4 months ago
Dan a91139b88a
enabled ssh access;MaxATries 600 is for my benefit 4 months ago
Dan bb4c7197ce
added root passwd pwoss 4 months ago
Dan 4e3b47c821
updated to archiso v.52.1-1 4 months ago
Dan 5e913189c1
added root password 4 months ago
Dan 477db53349
added ssh info 4 months ago
Dan 7139d8d883
added user creation hint and changed cups service 7 months ago
Dan 707981e393
changed execute 7 months ago
Dan 76faa24ec4
added permissions 7 months ago
Dan c0da232c5f
updated to archiso v.50.1-1 7 months ago
Dan 050ac11f89
updated to archiso v.49 9 months ago
Dan ecc1d85289
updated to archiso v48-1 10 months ago
Dan b7a61a6967
updated to new archiso procedure (v49?) 10 months ago
Dan fd9056f095
updated to archiso v.46 12 months ago
Dan aaa88d75f5
added wget pkg 1 year ago
Dan 3cbc93d3dc
added pkgs 1 year ago
Dan 8252653992
updated README 1 year ago
Dan b175f4ddd4
Updated README 1 year ago
Dan 7b8fbe85ef
added and delete pkgs; changed pkg variables 2 years ago
Dan c92c6d104a
changed default settings and added more pkgs 2 years ago
Dan 462fae10dd
changed to org link 2 years ago
Dan e62b81fea6
new archiso pkgs + reflector 2 years ago
Dan 025020c548
changed to org link 2 years ago
Dan 9387ba73d8
added content from .xyz domain 2 years ago
Desktop d11c0be60e Initial commit 2 years ago